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Freeze Drying
The process involves low temperature processing which minimizes the extent of degradable reaction ensuring no loss of natural properties of fresh products. Some of its benefits are:
- Minimal chemical decomposition
- Both volatile and non-volatile compounds preserved
- Retention of appearance, color, aroma, texture, flavour, vitamins, proteins etc.
- Increased solubility of end-materials, resulting in better assimilation and solubility in food products.
- No artificial flavour or preservative required.
- Increased shelf life of products due to low moisture content.
- Quick & complete reconstitution.

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Body Care Products
Breast Enhancers
Basil Oil
Anti Cellulite Gel(Cellu-Loss)
Kapha Oil
Food Supplements
Aloe vera Capsules
Ashwagandha Capsules
Brahmi Capsules
Neem Capsules
Caffeine Free Tea
Herbal Tea
Neem Tea
Tulsi Tea
Tea Packaging
Other Herbal Products
Pain Relief Balm


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